The Directorate of General Registration (DGR)

An important part of being a student of Charmo University is the completion of registration. This is the process by which the University authorities check that all necessary information about students is present, all documents are checked and student status are confirmed.
The directorate is currently sharing a building with the office of the university president and vice presidents in downtown Chamchamall. The director reports to the vice-president for student affairs according to the university structure. However, due to the nonexistence of such office at the time being, the directorate is directly connected to the University President.
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To provide responsive and accessible enrollment related services while: 
  • Adhering to academic policy and standards related to registration, conferral of course credit, degrees, and other credentials; 
  • Archiving and preserving the integrity, accuracy, and privacy of academic records. 

The directorate engages in ongoing efforts to: 
  • Minimize enrollment barriers; 
  • Strives to serve the University with integrity and the highest ethical principles of our profession. We aspire to be a department of professional excellence recognized for outstanding customer service, efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Adapt services, create innovative solutions, deploy effective technologies, and leverage limited resources to meet customer needs; 
  • Support and inform data driven decision making; 
  • Collaborate with other directorate to identify common interests/goals in alignment with university priorities and needs. 
Work and Duties: 
  • Admission plan preparation.
  • Registration.
  • Document Management. 
  • Student Academic Records. 
  • Facilitating credit transference between different departments in the same or different universities. 
  • Issuance of university orders for: 1) Accepting students in colleges and 2) Relocation of students from and to other universities in and outside Kurdistan. 
  • Degree Audit.
  • Diploma Services.
  • Academic transcripts. 
  • Confidentiality of Student Records.
  • Graduation ceremonies.
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DGR Office

Name: Sarkawt Shareef Ismael
Post: Registrar
Qualification: M.A
Academic Title: Assistant Lecturer
Specialty:  History of International Relations
e-mail: sarkawt.shareef@charmouniversity.org
Mobile number:  (+964) - 770 194 4648
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Number of Publication with IF (ISI):
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